Odiyan Box Office Collection

Odiyan Box Office Collection

Much awaited malayalam biggie Odiyan released worldwide today.The film dubbed version released tamil and telugu languages also and hitted 450 screens in kerala and total 3500 screens in the worldwide.The fantacy thriller opened mixed reviews from audiance and critics.Odiyan create record breaking in kerala box office and other areas.

Mohanlal and Manju Warrier are the lead pair.Prakash Raj playing important character.Ad maker VA Srikumar Menon is the director and Ashirvad Films produced by this big budget movie.

Odiyan breake all records in mollywood film industry.The film created record breaking at kochi multiplex,raked 12.66 lakhs on opening day.

Check here Odiyan Box office collection report:

Odiyan Box Office Collection

Worldwide Box Office Collection
LocationDay 1 Gross10 Days Gross
Kerala7.25 Crore24.78 Crore
Tamilnadu0.51 Crore1.65 Crore
Karnataka0.91 Crore2.34 Crore
Andhra& Telanghana0.78 Crore1.70 Crore
India Total9.81 Crore32.48 Crore
UAE+GCC7.30 Crore16.90 Crore
Total Worldwide18.5 Crore54.40 Crore
Kerala Box Office Collection
Day 17.25 Crore7.25 Crore
Day 24.32 Crore11.57 Crore
Day 34.49 Crore16.06 Crore
Day 41.27 Crore17.33 Crore
Day 51.09 Crore18.42 Crore
10 Days24.78 Crore
Kochi Multiplex Collection
Day 112.66 Lakhs12.66 Lakhs
Day 217.79 Lakhs30.46 Lakhs
Day 317.59 Lakhs48.05 Lakhs
Day 47.60 Lakhs55.65 Lakhs
Day 56.13 Lakhs61.78 Lakhs
Day 65.22 Lakhs67.01 Lakhs
Day 75.07 Lakhs72.08 Lakhs
Day 83.49 Lakhs75.56 Lakhs
Day 113.42 Lakhs87.02 Lakhs
Day 133.45 Lakhs94.30 Lakhs
Trivandrum Box Office Collection
Day 127.96 Lakhs27.96 Lakhs
Day 219.39 Lakhs47.32 Lakhs
Day 113.01 Lakhs95.22 Lakhs
Day 123.90 Lakhs99.12 Lakhs


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