Aadu 2 Box Office Collection

Aadu 2 is sequel part of unsuccessful movie Aadu Oru Beegarajeeviyanu.Aadu 2 released 22nd December over 120 screens across Kerala.The film received supreb response from audience and average reviews from critics.

Aadu 2 directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and produced by Vijay Babu under Friday Film House.It starring Jayasurya, Saiju Kiruppu, Vijay Babu, Dharmajan,Sunny Wayne,Vinayakan and Bagath Manuel.

Aadu 2 collected 1.85 crores on its opening day at Kerala box office and earned 3.46 lakhs kochi multiplex alone.

Aadu 2 Box Office Collection

Kerala Box Office Collection

Day 11.85 Crores1.85 Crores
5 Days8.04 Crores
16 Days20.10 Crores
18 Days23.13 Crores
24 Days26.52 Crores
28 Days25.85 Crores
38 Days26.50 Crores
Final29.65 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Box Office

Day 13.46 Lakhs3.46 Lakhs
Day 24.51 Lakhs7.75 Lakhs
Day 34.48 Lakhs12.22 Lakhs
Day 46.26 Lakhs18.49 Lakhs
Day 56.94 Lakhs25.42 Lakhs
Day 66.98 Lakhs32.43 Lakhs
Day 76.94 Lakhs39.37 Lakhs
Day 87.75 Lakhs47.12 Lakhs
Day 98.02 Lakhs55.14 Lakhs
Day 108.16 Lakhs63.30 Lakhs
Day 117.18 Lakhs50.60 Lakhs
Day 127.14 Lakhs77.54 Lakhs
Day 13 5.75 Lakhs83.27 Lakhs
Day 145.12 Lakhs88.41 Lakhs
Day 155.01 Lakhs93.41 Lakhs
Day 166.87 Lakhs1.00 Crore
Day 245.75 Lakhs1.39 Crore
Day 302.94 Lakhs1.52 Crores
Day 312.88 Lakhs1.55 Lakhs

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