Masterpiece Box Office Collection

Malayalam Mega Star Mammotty’s latest mass entertainer Masterpiece released on December 21.The film arrived over 250 screens across Kerala and total 450 screens rest of India. The film received good response from audience and positive reviews from critics.

Masterpiece written by Udayakrishna and directed by Ajay Vasudev.The film stars Unni Mukundan,Poonam Bajwa,Gokul Suresh,Maqbool Salman,Mukesh,Varalakshmi Sarathkumar,Mahima Nambiar and Santhosh Pandit.Jassie Gift composed by music.

The film collected 5.11 crores on its opening day at the Kerala box office.Masterpiece also earned 9.81 lakhs at kochin multiplex on the first day.

Masterpiece Box Office Collection

Kerala Box Office Collection 

Day 15.11 Crores5.11 Crores
Day 22.73 Crores7.85 Crores
Day 33.05 Crores10.09 Crores
Day 41.85 Crores11.94 Crores
7 Days13.42 Crores
10 Days15.20 Crores
17 Days17.77 Crores
20 Days18.50 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Day 19.81 Lakhs9.81 Lakhs
Day 24.71 Lakhs14.52 Lakhs
Day 35.01 Lakhs19.52 Lakhs
Day 45.00 Lakhs24.52 Lakhs
Day 54.66 Lakhs29.16 Lakhs
Day 64.31 Lakhs33.47 Lakhs
Day 73.68 Lakhs37.15 Lakhs
Day 83.68 Lakhs40.83 Lakhs
Day 93.28 Lakhs44.11 Lakhs
Day 103.26 Lakhs47.37 Lakhs
Day 113.22 Lakhs50.60 Lakhs
Day 123.13 Lakhs53.73 Lakhs
Day 132.65 Lakhs56.38 Lakhs
Day 141.31 Lakhs57.68 Lakhs
Day 151.29 Lakhs58.97 Lakhs
Day 160.95 Lakhs59.85 Lakhs
Day 181.67 Lakhs2.87 Lakhs
Day 171.33 Lakhs61.20 Lakhs
Day 250.18 Lakhs65.39 Lakhs
32 Days66.50 Lakhs

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