Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review

Day CollectionGross
Day 13.36 Lakhs3.36 Lakhs
Day 24.20 Lakhs7.56 Lakhs
Day 34.68 Lakhs12.24 Lakhs
Day 42.01 Lakhs14.25 Lakhs
Day 52.12 Lakhs16.37 Lakhs
Day 62.31 Lakhs18.68 Lakhs
Day 71.88 Lakhs20.56 Lakhs
Day 82.08 Lakhs22.64 Lakhs
Day 92.84 Lakhs25.48 Lakhs
Day 102.95 Lakhs28.43 Lakhs
Day 122.59 Lakhs32.84 Lakhs
Day 151.76 Lakhs37.75 Lakhs
Day 162.45 Lakhs40.15 Lakhs
Day 172.91 Lakhs43.06 Lakhs
Day 180.83 Lakhs43.90 Lakhs
Day 210.93 Lakhs46.71 Lakhs
Day 231.59 Lakhs49.26 Lakhs
Day 241.55 Lakhs50.82 Lakhs
Day 250.66 Lakhs51.49 Lakhs
Day 260.75 Lakhs52.24 Lakhs
Day 270.55 Lakhs52.79 Lakhs
Day 291.55 Lakhs54.95 Lakhs
Day 320.37 Lakhs57.22 Lakhs
Day 360.94 Lakhs59.44 Lakhs
Day 460.15 Lakhs62.85 Lakhs
Day 510.24 Lakhs63.86 Lakhs

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja coming back with stylish police role in Touch Chesi Chudu released today.After blokbuster hit film Power Ravi Teja playing once again in mass police role.Touch Chesi chudu is directed by Vikram Sirikonda and produced by Nallamalpu Bujji under Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions.Smile beauty Rashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor are the female lead.


  • Ravi Teja’s Performance
  • Action Sequence
  • First Half
  • Some Family Emotions


  • Screenplay
  • Second Half

Final Words:

Below Average Mass Entertainer

Filmymela Rating : 2.75/5

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